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Research Project D1 - Conditions for the Success of Transnational Partnerships for Development: From transnational cooperation to local implementation in areas of limited statehood.

Research region D1

Area of Research

Transnational development partnerships provide governance in areas of limited statehood. The D1 research project focuses on four partnerships that attempt to support sustainable energy and water supply, health care as well as nutrition. We analyze the effectiveness of their projects in different areas within Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda.

In its second phase of funding (2010-2013), the D1 project examines the effectiveness of PPP's projects on the local level, and also analyzes the ways in which local circumstances affect project implementation. Our main research question is: "Which characteristics help or hinder transnational development partnership projects to deliver their governance services successfully in areas of limited statehood?"

We focus on projects of the following four transnational development partnerships in South Asia (India and Bangladesh) and East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Somalia):


– Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization


- Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition


- Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership


- Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor

Our explanatory variables include project-specific characteristics, such as the level and quality of institutionalization, resources, process management and capacity development measures, as well as area-specific characteristics such as local institutional capacities, infrastructure and the level of security. We draw on a variety of sources, such as project evaluations, expert opinion, indices, and we also conduct interviews with professionals and stakeholders at various levels of the project. By employing pair-wise comparisons, we attempt to identify key conditions for the successful implementation of partnership projects.


!! This content refers to a research project in funding period 2010-2013 !!

Activities (Field Research, Workshops and Conferences)