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Hannah Janetschek

Hannah Janetschek

Research Project D1

Research Associate


Research Focus and resume

Hannah Janetschek is a research associate in the sub-project D1 “Conditions of effectiveness of transnational developing partnerships - from transnational cooperation towards local implementation in areas of limited statehood” where she is responsible for case study research on water, energy, health and nutrition partnerships in South Asia (India and Bangladesh). Her empirical research focuses on development approaches aimed at poverty reduction and draws from the debate surrounding international aid effectiveness and donor harmonization Her theoretical research interest is directed at political governance theory and institutional economic approaches. Her expertise lies in environmental policy in South Asia with a focus on water, energy and climate policy.. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Management from the University of Konstanz and completed her Master’s degree in Empirical Social Research with a focus on International Relations and Development Economics at the University of Stuttgart that included a study abroad at the University of Aberdeen. From January 2009 to April 2010 she conducted research on governance structures in the water-energy-climate Nexus in Hyderabad/ India as part of a megacity research project led by the Department of Resource Economic s at the at the Humboldt-University of Berlin.