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Research Project C2 - Variances and Consequences of Territorial Control by Non-State Actors

Principal Investigator:
Jan 01, 2006 — Dec 31, 2017
Violent Events in Somalia

Violent Events in Somalia

The project looks at how the differences in the effectiveness of territorial violence control and the corresponding provision of basic security services in areas of limited statehood can be explained. On the basis of the research project’s collected event data on both one-sided and reciprocal violence as well as the data on the development of commercial security sectors, the research project analyzes how local constellations of actors, material-institutional factors, the degree of (rest-)staatlichkeit and trigger factors (interventions, peace missions) contribute to the explanation of the observed variance. In conclusion, in the third funding period it can be shown under which geographic, economic, conflict-dynamic and power-political circumstances non-state violent actors like rebel groups or commercial security firms govern hierarchically, and when and why the figure of speech „(k)ein Staat zu machen“ applies to this situation.  

Secondly, the research project will contribute to the development of a theory, in the sense that we will look at which consequences the competition of non-state violent actors among themselves, as well as in their competitive relationship to the (Rest-) Staat, has for statehood and areas of limited statehood. If the figure of speech „(k)ein Staat zu machen“ applies here with non-state violent actors, how do they contribute to the (re)structuring of these areas? Under which circumstances does it come to an undermining and/or a consolidation of the (Rest-) Staatlichkeit in the affected areas, and when do non-state violent actors constitute alternative spatial patterns of order that compete with the state? We will particularly examine here which significance of the establishment of hierarchical governance constellations and the redefinition of territorial borders by armed groups has for how the actors handle (future) conflicts.

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