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Research Project C2: Islands of Security? The control of violence in civil wars

Gewaltereignisse Somalia

Area of Research

Focus of research and research question:

In areas of limited statehood, security is often provided by non-state actors. Generally, the spatial and temporal supply and demand coincide on different levels (top down / bottom up).

We ask: when, where and under which conditions do non-state actors make security available on the supply-side, and which forms of security governance result from this process within areas of limited statehood?

Collection, integration, and analysis of event data

By maintaining two databases, we collect and analyze geographically and temporally disaggregated data that covers the use of violence and force by non-state actors, and tracks their operating areas. Additionally, we assess the scope and influence of security provided commercially by private military and security companies. For further information please visit conflict-data.org.

!! This content refers to a research project in funding period 2010-2013 !!