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Workshops und Panels

2012 Doppelpanel "Um Ordnungen streiten" at the German African Studies Conference, May 30-June 2, Cologne (organised by Jana Hönke).

2012 Internal Workshop Companies and Local Governance in Guinea, March, FU Berlin.

2011 Comparing the Copperbelts. Politics, Economy and Society in Haut Katanga (DRC) and the Zambian Copperbelt,  Panel at the European African Studies Conference, June 15-18, Uppsala (Jana Hönke with Miles Larmer and Benjamin Rubbers).

2010 Transnational Security Governance and Local Political Order in Africa, Latin America and Asia ( Jana Hönke with Markus M. Müller, LAI FU Berlin), Panel at International Studies Association Conference 17-21 February, New Orleans.

2010 Workshop Jana Hönke and Esther Thomas meet with Sabine Luning and Jan Jansen, Department of Cultural Anthropology. “Presentation of ongoing research on the gold mining areas in the northeast of Guinea and in the south and southwest of Burkina Faso and Mali, 15.Dezember, University of Leiden.

2010 Workshop 'Glocal' Practices of Security Governance in the Postcolony (organized by Jana Hönke and Markus-Michael Müller), SFB 700, January 22-23, FU Berlin.


Workshops und Panels aus Projektphase 1