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List of Publications Released

List of Publications

List of Publications
Image Credit: Johannes Klemt

Everything in one place – the SFB 700 releases its new publication catalog

News from Jan 26, 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of a revised and updated catalog of all SFB 700 publications! Over 103 pages, the catalog includes every SFB 700 publication since the year 2006.

Prominent among these are the SFB 700 Working Paper Series, the Palgrave series Governance and Limited Statehood, and the Nomos Series Schriften zur Governance Forschung. The catalog also comprises the publications of all research projects at the SFB 700 over our three funding periods. These include numerous monographs and edited volumes, as well as contributions to German and international academic journals.

In order to provide simple and efficient access to the SFB 700 publications, we have revised and updated the list of key words for searches in our online catalog.

The comprehensive catalog of publications is available free of cost in print or as a PDF download, in addition to the freely accessible online catalog.

The catalog is updated frequently so that both the online and the print version reflect the SFB’s academic research in its entirety. We hope the publications in our new catalog pique your interest and wish you happy reading!

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