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Nomos Series "Schriften zur Governance Forschung"

Editors: Ursula Lehmkuhl, Thomas Risse, Gunnar Folke Schuppert

The "Schriften zur Governanceforschung" (Publications on Governance Research) are explicitly targeted towards readers of all disciplines who are interested in governance. The language of publication varies between German and English, depending on the topic and the background of the author(s). In order to ensure consistently high quality among the different volumes, the series editors offer thorough commentary on all manuscripts considered for publication. The volumes comprise outstanding dissertations and habilitations in German and English, as well as classic monographs and anthologies.

With the planned expansion of editorial activities, the "Schriften zur Governanceforschung" will remain an interdisciplinary communication forum for the increasingly important area of governance research, giving voice to all interested disciplines.