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New Working Paper 70 now available

The Working Paper “External Authority. Compensation for Limited Statehood in the Provision of Collective Goods?” by Luisa Linke-Behrens and Lisa van Hoof-Maurer has been published in the Working Paper Series of the SFB 700.

News from Aug 11, 2016


The vast majority of areas of limited statehood are subject to the authority of external actors, be it the IMF or regional organizations. These actors typically provide authority structures –institutions and rules – that are complementary or alternative to the state’s domestic authority structures. It is reasonable to assume that these external actors may either deliver collective goods directly, or the authority structures provided by them might work indirectly to that effect. In this paper, we systematically investigate whether external authority compensates for limited statehood with regard to collective goods provision. Our analysis shows that this is not the case. On the contrary, in fragile states with extremely limited or even absent statehood, the presence of external authority in domestic authority structures seems to have the opposite effect and is associated with poor collective goods provision.

The full text of the Working Paper is available for download in our publication section.

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