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New Blog Post: 'Invited military interventions meet some limited success' by Aila M. Matanock

Under which circumstances do invited military interventions provide substantial governance gain and how is their success limited?

News from Jul 07, 2014

On the political blog Monkey Cage, hosted by the Washington Post, fellow researcher by Aila M. Matanock published an op-ed titled Invited military interventions meet some limited success on invited military interventions. She focuses on governance delegation agreements, a term she uses in her research to describe such interventions where foreign actors do not only support and advice the actions of a host government, but take over governance roles and services in an agreed upon fashion and scope.

Under which conditions and circumstances are such interventions most successful and where lie the limits? Several examples accompany her illustrations on the subject and we invite you to a dive into her arguments.

Alia M. Matanock is Assistant Professor at the Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley.

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