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SFB 700 research featured in 'International Peacekeeping'

The current Special Issue of International Peacekeeping was published by the Research Project C6. The Research Project C9 also contributed an article.

News from Jun 18, 2014

The Research Project C6 "The Politics of State and Security Building in Areas of Limited Statehood"  wrote the introduction to the edition titled New Perspectives on Security Sector Reform: The Role of Local Agency and Domestic Politics and the article Security Sector Reform and the Emergence of Hybrid Security Governance.

Research Project C9 "Aid, Minds, Hearts: A Longitudinal Study of Governance Interventions in Afghanistan" contributed an article titled The International Intervention and its Impact on Security Governance in North-East Afghanistan.

All articles are in English and can be accessed within the network of the Freie Universität.

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