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New Release: Marianne Beisheim und Andrea Liese (eds.): "Transnational Partnerships: Effectively Providing for Sustainable Development?"

Transnational Partnerships

Beisheim, Liese: Transnational Partnerships

Marianne Beisheim (Research Project D1) and Andrea Liese's (Research Project D8) edited volume "Transnational Partnerships: Effectively Providing for Sustainable Development?" has been released in our Palgrave series "Governance and Limited Statehood".

News from Jun 04, 2014

Description: Transnational public-private partnerships (PPPs) are a relatively new form of governance. Why are some of them highly effective, while others are not? The contributors provide an in-depth account, analysis, and comparison of 21 transnational PPPs in the area of sustainable development governance, where PPPs have been hailed by some as a solution to development problems but criticized by others. Moreover, 45 PPP projects undertaken by four service-providing partnerships in so-called 'areas of limited statehood' in South Asia (Bangladesh and India) and East Africa (Kenya and Uganda) are studied. The central aim of this volume is to identify the conditions under which these transnational PPPs are effective, that is, successful in providing collective goods (from clean water to child immunization) in areas of limited statehood. The book investigates the influence of several features of a PPP's institutional design as well as the impact of limited statehood on the effectiveness of a PPP.


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