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New Publications of the SFB 700

News from Jul 15, 2014

Monographs and Volumes

  Beisheim, Marianne/Liese, Andrea (Hrsg.) 2014: Transnational Partnerships: Effectively Providing for Sustainable Development?, Palgrave Macmillan.
  Risse, Thomas/Krasner, Stephen 2014: Special issue: External Actors, State-Building, and Service Provision in Areas of Limited Statehood, in: Governance, October 2014, 27:4.
Livingston, Steven/Walter-Drop, Gregor (Hrsg.) 2014: Bits and Atoms. Information and Communication Technology in Areas of Limited Statehood, Oxford University Press.
Daxner, Michael 2013: Deutschland in Afghanistan, BIS-Verlag
  Börzel, Tanja A./Thauer, Christian (Hrsg.) 2013: Business and Governance in South Africa. Racing to the Top?, Palgrave Macmillan.
  Risse, Thomas/Ropp, Stephen C./Sikkink, Kathryn (Hrsg.) 2013: The persistent Power of Human Rights. From Commitment to Compliance, Cambridge Studies in International Relations, Cambridge University Press.

SFB Working Paper Series

BörzelTanja A. /Van Hüllen, Vera 2014: External State-Building and Why Norms Matter - The European Union’s Fight against Corruption in the Southern Caucasus .

Elliesie, Hatem 2014: Binnenpluralität des Islamischen Rechts - Diversität religiöser Normativität rechtsdogmatisch und -methodisch betrachtet.

van der Vleuten, Anna/Hulse, Merran 2013: Governance Transfer by the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Kode, Johannes 2013: On the Social Conditions of Governance: Social Capital and Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood.