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Memory in a Global Age

Cover: Memory in a Global Age

Cover: Memory in a Global Age

Sebastian Conrad, Aleida Assmann – 2010

A significant contribution to memory studies and part of an emergent strand of work on global memory. This book offers important insights on topics relating to memory, globalization, international politics, international relations, Holocaust studies and media and communication studies.

Memory in a Global Age
Sebastian Conrad, Aleida Assmann
Palgrave Macmillan
Research Project B4
ISBN 978-0-230-27291-0 (Hardcover) ISBN 978-1-349-32356-2 (Softcover)


Introduction Aleida Assmann and Sebastian Conrad

Part I Witnessing in a Global Arena
1. Addressing Painful Memories: Apologies as a New Practice in International Relations Christopher Daase
2. Australian Memory and the Apology to the Stolen Generations of Indigenous People Danielle Celermajer and A. Dirk Moses

Part II Moral Claims and Universal Norms
3. The Past in the Present: Memories of State Violence in Contemporary Latin America Elizabeth Jelin
4. Vietnam, the New Left and the Holocaust: How the Cold War Changed Discourse on Genocide Berthold Molden
5. The Holocaust — a Global Memory? Extensions and Limits of a New Memory Community Aleida Assmann

Part III Global Memories and Transnational Identities
6. Globalization, Universalism, and the Erosion of Cultural Memory Jan Assmann
7. Victimhood Nationalism in Contested Memories: National Mourning and Global Accountability Jie-Hyun Lim
8. Remembering Asia: History and Memory in Post-Cold War Japan Sebastian Conrad

Part IV Global Icons and Cultural Symbols
9. Globalizing Memory in a Divided City: Bruce Lee in Mostar Grace Bolton and Nerina Muzurović
10.‘Fragments of Reminiscence’: Popular Music as a Carrier of Global Memory Ana Sobral
11. Neda — the Career of a Global Icon Aleida Assmann and Corinna Assmann