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Authors’ Workshop: Oxford Handbook of Governance and Limited Statehood

Impressions from the Workshop

Impressions from the Workshop
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From April 22 to 23, 2016, the first authors’ workshop for the planned Oxford Handbook of Governance and Limited Statehood took place at the Seminaris-Campus Hotel Berlin-Dahlem.

News from May 09, 2016

Over a total of eight sessions, the authors introduced the content and structure of their chapters. The presentations were followed by intense discussions among the approx. 40 participants, including many guests, on the different thematic areas. For example, some talks revolved around different groups of actors in areas of limited statehood, such as international organizations or companies. Other chapters will address various governance services, for example, in the areas of security or health. Further contributions will analyze the policy implications of research at the SFB 700. The workshop concluded with a look to the future, as handbook editors Thomas Risse, Tanja Börzel, and Anke Draude summarized the outcomes of the sessions and laid out the next steps toward publication.

We would like to thank all participants for the productive exchange of ideas, the exciting discussions, and your interest in the work of the SFB 700.

For an overview of the workshop program, please click here.

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