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Interdepartmental Training Seminar on Fragile States

Impressions from the Workshop

Impressions from the Workshop

From March 14–17, 2016, transfer project T3 and the Federal Foreign Office jointly organized the interdepartmental training seminar, “Working Together for Security and Development – Scopes of Action, Goals, and Principles of Interdepartmental Engagement in Fragile States.”

News from Apr 20, 2016

In addition to the current cohort of attachés from the Federal Foreign Office, junior staff from the Federal Ministry of Defence and the Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development also participated in the seminar. The event took place at the Foreign Service Academy in Berlin-Tegel.

The seminar discussed the special conditions of foreign, development, and security engagement in areas of limited statehood. It offered participants the opportunity to learn more about the institutional frameworks and practical approaches of the various departments. Through input from current scholarship, participants were familiarized with the conceptual foundations and political parameters of this kind of engagement, and operationalized the new knowledge systematically and interdepartmentally using country examples.

This annual three-day seminar is part of the attaché training program and represents one of the central transfer activities of the T3 project in the area of training and education.

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