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New Afghanistan Publication from the C9 Project

Under the title “State Formation as It Happens: Insights from a Repeated Cross-Sectional Study in Afghanistan, 2007–2015,Jan Koehler of the C9 project has published a new article in Conflict, Security & Development together with Christoph M. Zürcher and Jan R. Böhnke.

News from Apr 28, 2017

Using an extensive dataset, the authors describe the statebuilding process in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2015. Their studies provide empirically grounded insights into the relationship between state and society in that country. At the center of their investigation is the population’s perception of services provided by the state: for example, state responsiveness, tax organization, and security.

The study is based empirically on both quantitative and qualitative primary data collected in northeastern Afghanistan. The results show that the above processes unfold at different rates during different phases, and the authors uncover the causes behind these variations.

The article can be downloaded here.

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