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Civil War Research

Prof. Dr. Sven Chojnacki

(Please send all requests for Prof. Chojnacki through Ms. Hehn)

Research Project C2 - Variances and Consequences of Territorial Control by Non-State Actors

Areas of Expertise:

  • territorial violence control
  • military conflicts
  • provision of security services
  • actor constellations
  • privatization of security
  • peace strategies and und post-war orders
  • Somalia


Jan Koehler

Research Project C9 - Aid, Minds, Hearts: A Longitudinal Study of Governance Interventions in Afghanistan

Areas of Expertise:

  • civil war research
  • German and international engagement
  • state-building in Afghanistan
  • North-Eastern Afghanistan / East-Afghanistan
  • Caucasus Region
  • Tadzhikistan 


Prof. Dr. Heike Krieger

Research Project C8 - Legitimacy and Law-Making in International Humanitarian Law

Areas of Expertise:

  • United Nations
  • foreign deployment of German military forces 
  • martial law
  • international and European human rights protection
  • constitutional jurisdiction
  • protection of fundamental rights


Prof. Dr. Andreas Mehler

Research Project C10 - Alternatives to State-Sponsored Security in Areas of Extremely Limited Statehood (Central African Republic and South Sudan)

Areas of Expertise:

  • power-sharing after peace agreements
  • violent conflicts and conflict prevention
  • state and statehood
  • democratization processes
  • German and French Africa policy
  • Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Central African Republic