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Research Project C11 - Charting the International Legal Framework for Security Governance by External Actors in Areas of Limited Statehood

Principal Investigator:
Jan 01, 2014 — Dec 31, 2017

Research Project C11 analyzes the contribution of international law to the mitigation of specific security risks emanating from areas of limited statehood. In this context we want to find out under which conditions and to what extent international law enables external actors to participate in or (partially) substitute security governance in areas of limited statehood. In particular, this research project analyzes the fight against terrorism and piracy, as well as drug and weapon trafficking in various areas of limited statehood. We focus on states such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Afghanistan and Columbia where external governance actors are currently conducting law enforcement operations. Against this backdrop, we analyze the processes that influence and change the international legal framework in regard to international law enforcement operations and the prosecution of these crimes. Our findings will enable us to critically scrutinize the extent to which international law adequately correlates with and normatively guards conditions of success for effective and legitimate governance that were identified during the first two funding periods of the SFB 700.

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