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Research Project A1 - Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood: Contributions to Theory Building

Project A1 aims at compiling and integrating the research outcome of all other research projects at the SFB 700. The objective is to bundle the results of the research projects into more abstract trends and diagnostics. These projections will then be used to further develop the governance approach. More precisely, we intend to identify the crucial criteria of success for effective and legitimate governance in areas of limited statehood and to measure the consequences of the new forms of governance. Our main focus will be on the following four issues:

1. How does social trust develop "among strangers"? What conditions support the allying of political communities and is it actually necessary for effective and legitimate governance?

2. Which role do the receivers play in the governance process? To what degree do their strategies of adoption and defense influence (external) governance and how can we manage to fit governance into the local context?

3. Which are the different forms of (remaining) statehood and in how far does the form influence the success of governance? Or the other way around: what are the conditions that determine whether governance strengthens or weakens the (remaining) state?

4. What are potential ways to coordinate the multifarious governance actors? And what methods exist, in terms of meta-governance, to facilitate between the different norms and requirements?

Wherever reasonable and possible we will statistically support the A1 project's theoretical input with empirical quantitative research that will be pulled from specifically collected secondary data.

Additional Information are available here:

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