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Public Security in the Negotiated State: Policing in Latin America and Beyond

Public Security in the Negotiated State


Markus-Michael Müller – 2011

This book seeks to overcome the lack of theoretically informed empirical studies on policing and state-society relations in areas of limited statehood. By drawing on in-depth field research in Mexico City, Markus-Michael Müller offers an insightful analysis of the negotiated character of the Mexican state and its impact on policing. Despite the resulting un-public nature of Mexican policing, he demonstrates that Mexico City residents do not abandon the state as a security provider but continue to turn to the state, in a variety of formal and informal ways and even have normative expectations regarding state-centred security provision. By putting these findings in perspective with other related cases in Latin America, Africa and Asia, the author provides a new cutting-edge perspective on the material and symbolic relevance of the state in areas of limited statehood.

Public Security in the Negotiated State
Palgrave Macmillan
Research Project C3
ISBN 978-0230295414
Appeared in
Governance and Limited Statehood Series


Introduction: The State, Policing and (In)Security in 'Most of the World'
The Negotiated State and Policing in Mexico
The Contemporary Mexico City Police
Policing and Capital City Politics
The Transnationalization of Policing in Mexico City 
Neighborhood Images: Policing in Coyoacán and Iztapalapa
Looking Beyond Mexico