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Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law: American and European Strategies

Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law


Amichai Magen, Thomas Risse, Michael McFaul – 2013

Are Americans and Europeans united or divided over the goal of promoting democracy and the rule of law around the globe? What strategies and instruments do they wield in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East in an effort to achieve these goals? And what do their successes and failures reveal both about the challenge of encouraging the spread of freedom and the nature of American and European foreign policies in the 21st century? These are some of the pressing questions tackled in this volume by a distinguished group of analysts from both sides of the Atlantic. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the authors demonstrate in detail that the U.S. and the EU share many common features in their democracy promotion strategies, including shared 'double standards'. This is a much anticipated study – one that provides the first systematic, comparative analysis of American and European efforts to transform governance in developing countries.

Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law
Palgrave Macmillan
Research Project A1
ISBN 978-1137353962
Appeared in
Governance and Limited Statehood Series
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Foreword; R. Morningstar
1. Introduction: American and European Strategies to Promote Democracy; A.Magen and M.A.McFaul
2. Venus Approaching Mars? The EU's Approaches to Democracy Promotion in Comparative Perspective; T.A.Börzel and T.Risse
3. Governance and Foreign Assistance; D.M.Girod, S.D.Krasner and K.Stoner Weiss
4. Europe, the United States, and Middle Eastern Democracy; R.Youngs and T.Cofman Wittes
5. Comparing EU and US Democracy: Promotion in the Mediterranean and the Newly Independent States; V.van Hüllen and A.Stahn
6. Democracy or Stability? EU and US Engagement in the Southern Caucasus; T.A.Börzel, Y.Pamuk and A.Stahn
7. Latin America is Different: Transatlantic Discord on How to Promote Democracy in 'Problematic' Countries; S.Gratius and T.Legler
8. U.S. and EU Strategies to Promote Democracy in Indonesia; R.Kleinfeld
9. Conclusions: Towards Transatlantic Democracy Promotion?; T.Risse