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Local Politics and Contemporary Transformations in the Arab World: Governance Beyond the Center

Local Politics and Contemporary Transformations in the Arab World


Malika Bouziane, Cilia Harders, Anja Hoffmann – 2013

With the fall of authoritarian regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, new social movements and online cyber networks in cities across the Arab World and throughout the Arab cybersphere emerge as new actors. Rooted in ‘the periphery’, many acknowledge the potentials of these new actors and their ability to challenge the existing political landscape in the region today and in the future. Nonetheless, little attention has been devoted to the long-term processes of transformation within which these developments are rooted. This volume examines the ways in which the state and the political landscape are shaped and challenged, ‘beyond the center’. The contributions examine informal institutions, popular sovereignty, non-conventional forms of participation, and non-elite actors in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Morocco. The book brings together interdisciplinary and critical reflections on space, power, state, and agency. It develops a novel perspective on Middle Eastern studies, focusing on local politics and contributing to the understanding of authoritarian rule and its transformation.

Local Politics and Contemporary Transformations in the Arab World
Palgrave Macmillan
Research Project B6
ISBN 978-1137338686
Appeared in
Governance and Limited Statehood Series
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1. Analyzing Politics beyond the Center in an Age of Transformation; Anja Hoffmann, Malika Bouziane & Cilja Harders

2. Contemporary Governscapes: Sovereign Practice and Hybrid Orders beyond the Center?; Finn Stepputat
3. The Bureaucratic Mode of Governance and Pratical Norms in West Africa and Beyond; Jean-Pierre Olivier De Sardan
4. Beyond the 'Radicalism-Pragmatism Dialectic' in the Study of Local Politics: Contrasting Privatizing, Communitarian, and 'Vulgar' Expressions in Revolutionary Cairo; Paul Amar
5. The Inward Turn and its Vicissitudes: Culture, Society and Politics in Post-1967 Arab Leftist Critiques; Fadi A. Bardawil

6. Bringing the Local Back In: Local Politics between Informalization and Mobilization in an Age of Transformation in Egypt; Cilja Harders
7. Negotiating (Informal) Institutional Change: Understanding Local Politics in Jordan; Malika Bouziane
8. Morocco between Decentralization and Recentralization: Encountering the State in the 'Useless Morocco'; Anja Hoffmann
9. Revisiting Politics in Spaces 'Beyond the Centre:' The Case of the Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon; Hala Caroline Abou-Zaki
10. Political Participation in Algeria beyond the Polling Stations: Insights from Tizi-Ouzou; Naoual Belakhdar
11. Tribes, Revolution, and Political Culture in the Cyrenaica Region of Libya; Thomas Hüsken

12. Conclusion; Cilja Harders, Anja Hoffmann & Malika Bouziane