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From Berlin to Baltimore: the annual conference of the ISA

CRC 700 at ISA

CRC 700 at ISA

News from Aug 24, 2016

For another successful year, the SFB 700 took part in the annual conference of the International Studies Association (ISA). This year’s 58th annual conference took place from 22 to 25 February in Baltimore, Maryland. A group of more than 10 researchers from the SFB made their way to Baltimore to attend the conference. The wide and diverse range of research conducted at SFB was represented in the scholars’ various presentations. For instance, Andrea Liese, Angela Heucher, and Leon Schettler together presented their research on “Self-Legitimation through Inclusive Procedures? Evidence from International Organizations’ Food Security Projects”. Luisa Linke-Behrens presented the results of her research with her paper “Unraveling State Capacity: How Resources, Bureaucratic Efficiency, and Embedded Autonomy Affect Governance by External Actors”.

In total, the SFB 700 participated in 16 different events as part of the ISA program. As with years past, attendance of the ISA conference was an overall positive experience, throughout, allowing our researchers to leave Baltimore with many new ideas and perspectives to consider.