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News from Aug 15, 2017

Even a collaborative research center can’t last forever. The SFB 700 is currently in its final funding phase. Nevertheless, we have a nice and full agenda and, in spite of being just a little wary of the coming farewell, I’m pleased to be able to share with you, as per usual, the latest developments in our SFB with this newsletter. A highlight of 2017 thus far was the international conference to close the SFB in June, a report of which will be included here.

In this newsletter, our research associate Angela Heucher shares the results and experience of their field-work excursions. She conducted numerous interviews with actors from international organizations (IOs) in West Africa in the course of her study of efforts to fight starvation. Furthermore Kristóf Gosztonyi talks about his work as “scholar in residence” at the German Federal Foreign Office.

In addition to another year of SFB’s successful participation in the 58th annual conference of the ISA in Baltimore, we had the privilege of welcoming numerous guests to the SFB. Moreover, the newest publications out of the SFB can be found, as per usual, at the end of this newsletter.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, and we look forward to your comments!



Thomas Risse
Speaker SFB 700