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PhD Support Program

The SFB 700 has setup a Structured Doctoral Studies Program (SDA) that pursues several goals. At the SFB 700, research associates are introduced to interdisciplinary approaches; they receive assistance in the fields research design and methods; quality assurance in PhD supervision is granted, while a balance between work for the research project and time for the dissertation is achieved. Furthermore, a goal is to enhance the scientific visibleness and to facilitate international exchange in order to ensure the advancement of young researchers. To achieve these goals, the Collaborative Research Center organizes various events and training sessions. These include

  • introductions to research designs,
  • methods workshops, tailored at the specific needs of our PhD students,
  • trainings in "soft skills"
  • dissertation workshops / colloquia on a regular basis
  • support for conference travels

The Structured Doctoral Studies Program is implemented in close cooperation with the Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies (BTS), where research associates can apply to become PhD students as well. These PhD students then can access all advanced training offered by the Dahlem Research School (DRS).