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Prof. Christian Neuhäuser Holds Lecture at the SFB 700

Prof. Christian Neuhäuser holds lecture

Prof. Christian Neuhäuser holds lecture
Image Credit: SFB 700/Johannes Klemt

As part of the SFB 700’s Jour Fixe series, Prof. Christian Neuhäuser of the Technical University of Dortmund presented his research on the “Political Responsibility of Private Actors in Areas of Limited Statehood” on February 9.

News from Mar 28, 2017

Prof. Neuhäuser was a Mercator Fellow at the SFB 700 in January and February 2017. In his visiting lecture, he discussed the responsibility of private companies when they provide governance goods and services in areas of limited statehood over longer periods of time. At the focus of Prof. Neuhäuser’s studies are the special forms of dependency that grow out of situations in which private actors serve as governance providers.

The lecture was followed by an animated discussion.
A video recording is available here

We would like to thank Prof. Neuhäuser for his exciting talk and our productive exchange during his time at the SFB 700!

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