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SFB 700’s Transfer Project T3 Holds Seminar for Junior Staff of German Federal Ministries

Participants of the attaché seminar

Participants of the attaché seminar
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The SFB 700’s transfer project T3, “Policy Implications of Governance Research for German Foreign Policy”, held an interdepartmental seminar, “Between Stabilization and State-Building: Interdepartmental Engagement in Fragile States,” from March 9 to 11 at the Foreign Service Academy in Berlin Tegel.

News from Mar 27, 2015

The seminar focused on dealing with fragile states for 60 junior staff from the German Federal Foreign Office and other federal ministries. A central component was cooperative work in inter-ministerial teams on scenarios and country strategies in the field of fragile statehood. In terms of transferring knowledge from the SFB 700’s foundational research, the seminar aimed to endow participants with the ability to differentiate among specific contexts of fragile statehood and to develop alternative strategies to classic capacity-building programs. Continuing education and training seminars are a main focus of cooperation between the SFB 700 and the Federal Foreign Office.

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