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International Workshop on Foreign Aid and Effective and Legitimate Governance at the SFB 700

Aid Data Workshop

Aid Data Workshop
Image Credit: self-taken by SFB member

On February 11, 2015, the SFB 700 and the AidData Project held a joint workshop on the topic of “Foreign Aid and Effective and Legitimate Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood.”

News from Mar 18, 2015

Twenty scholars participated in the workshop, including researchers from several SFB projects and from the AidData Project’s international network. Participants presented short input lectures in several panels, which served as the basis for later discussions over the course of the workshop. The session’s core questions focused on the legitimacy and effectiveness of foreign aid programs in the context of limited statehood. Empirical contributions by the participating research teams examined a range of countries and regions, for example Uganda, Afghanistan, and India. Among other things, the discussions revealed that the role of foreign aid in establishing effective and legitimate governance is in no way resolved; further research initiatives on this topic are urgently needed. In particular, local and context-specific factors should receive special attention.

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