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Ulrich Timm in Dialogue with Jan Koehler on the News Program “Tagesschau 24”

On Sunday, November 8, 2015, television host Ulrich Timm spoke with Jan Koehler, Afghanistan expert from the SFB 700’s C9 project, on the news program “Tagesschau 24,” examining the topic: “Afghanistan – What remains, what endures?”

News from Nov 13, 2015

The conversation asked what the West, especially the German Bundeswehr, has been able to achieve after 13 years of intervention in Afghanistan, and how the political situation in the country looks today. In addition, the discussion touched on recent developments concerning the Taliban, ISIS, and current refugee movements.

Jan Koehler has travelled to Afghanistan regularly since 2003 and, together with a team of Afghan colleagues, is monitoring the effectiveness of international interventions there.

Please click here for the entire conversation on “Tagesschau 24.”

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