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Professor Steven Livingston as Visiting Scholar at the Collaborative Research Center 700

Steven Livingston

Steven Livingston
Image Credit: GWU

The Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 700 is thrilled to welcome Prof. Steven Livingston back to Berlin.

News from Oct 26, 2015

After his contributions to the SFB 700 in 2011, he will return to the Center as a visiting scholar until the end of 2015. Steven Livingston is professor of media and public affairs and international affairs at George Washington University in Washington, DC. His publications include Bits and Atoms – Information and Communication Technology in Areas of Limited Statehood and When the Press Fails: Political Power and the News Media from Iraq to Katrina. During his time at the SFB 700, Prof. Livingston will work on a new book project, give a lecture in the framework of the SFB’s Jour Fixe, and participate in various events at the Research Center.

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