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New Visiting Fellow at the SFB 700: Professor Enrique Desmond Arias

The Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 700 is very delighted to welcome Professor Enrique Desmond Arias as a visiting fellow with the Research Project C3.

News from Jul 30, 2015

Within a month-long research fellowship, Professor Arias will enrich the research work of the Research Project C3 – “Police-Building and Transnational Security Fields in Latin America“.
Enrique Desmond Arias is an Associate Professor of Public Policy in the School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs at George Mason University. His research focuses mainly on “violent pluralism”, “criminal governance“ and clientelism in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has done field work in Brazil, Colombia and Jamaica. As an internationally recognized expert for security and politics in this region,  Professor Arias will not only support the research work of the research project C3 but will also make a contribution to the research and theory building of the whole Collaborative Research Center.
The SFB 700 is looking forward to an inspiring and fruitful cooperation.
For more information about Professor Enrique Desmond Arias, please visit his homepage at George Mason University.

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