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D1-Project at UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) 2015

Marianne Beisheim beim HLPF-Panel

Marianne Beisheim beim HLPF-Panel
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From the 22nd of June until the 8th of July, Marianne Beisheim and Nils Simon visited New York and Washington D.C. where they conducted interviews for the Research Project D1 and followed the UN negotiations on sustainable development. The interviews pertained to matters of the impact and governance of multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development and were conducted with representatives from UN organizations, NGOs, and other actors. Initial findings from this research will soon be available in a SFB700 Working Paper.

News from Jul 20, 2015

On July 1st, Marianne Beisheim spoke on the HLPF panel “Training and learning for sustainable development”. Here she presented the results of the SFB700 Research Project D1 and highlighted that multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development are a good means through which to implement “training and learning”. However, to further develop these partnerships into effective instruments, more learning must occur both within partnerships themselves as well as about partnerships in the UN context. This is particularly relevant for the future implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Her presentation was well received and taken up by numerous delegates during the following discussion.

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