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German Colonialism Revisited: African, Asian, and Oceanic Experiences

Cover: German Colonialism Revisited

Cover: German Colonialism Revisited

Klaus Mühlhahn, Nina Berman, Patrice Nganang – 2014

German Colonialism Revisited brings together military historians, art historians, literary scholars, cultural theorists, and linguists to address a range of issues surrounding colonized African, Asian, and Oceanic people’s creative reactions to and interactions with German colonialism. This scholarship sheds new light on local power dynamics; agency; and economic, cultural, and social networks that preceded and, as some now argue, ultimately structured German colonial rule. Going beyond issues of resistance, these essays present colonialism as a shared event from which both the colonized and the colonizers emerged changed.

German Colonialism Revisited: African, Asian, and Oceanic Experiences
Klaus Mühlhahn, Nina Berman, Patrice Nganang
University of Michigan Press
Ann Arbor
Teilprojekt B13
ISBN 978-0472119127


Introduction 1
Nina Berman, Klaus Mühlhahn, and Patrice Nganang

Part 1. Interactions

Architecture with a Mission: Bamum Autoethnography during the Period of German Colonialism 31
Itohan I. Osayimwese

“The Germans cannot master our language!” or German Colonial Rulers and the Beti in the Cameroonian Hinterlands 50
Germain Nyada (Translated by Amber Suggitt)

Sex and Control in Germany’s Overseas Possessions: Venereal Disease and Indigenous Agency 71
Daniel J. Walther

Ruga-ruga: The History of an African Profession, 1820–1918 85
Michael Pesek

Bomani: African Soldiers as Colonial Intermediaries in German East Africa, 1890–1914 101
Michelle Moyd

Pioneers of Empire? The Making of Sisal Plantations in German East Africa, 1890–1917 114
Hanan Sabea

“Zake: The Papuan Chief”: An Alliance with a German Missionary in Colonial Kaiser-Wilhelmsland (Oceania) 130
Gabriele Richter

Part 2. Resistance, Anti-colonial Activism, and the Rise of Nationalist Discourses

Germany and the Chinese Coolie: Labor, Resistance, and the Struggle for Equality, 1884–1914 147
Andreas Steen

The Other German Colonialism: Power, Conflict, and Resistance in a German-speaking Mission in China, ca. 1850–1920 161
Thoralf Klein

Nationalism and Pragmatism: The Revolutionists in German Qingdao (1897–1914) 179
Jianjun Zhu

Anti-colonial Nationalism and Cosmopolitan “Standard Time”: Lala Har Dayal’s Forty Four Months in Germany and Turkey (1920) 195
B. Venkat Mani

Acting Cannibal: Intersecting Strategies, Conflicting Interests, and the Ambiguities of Cultural Resistance in Iringa, German East Africa 212
Eva Bischoff

The “Truppenspieler Show”: Herero Masculinity and the German Colonial Military Aesthetic 226
Molly McCullers

Part 3. Remembering and Rethinking

Recollection and Intervention: Memory of German Colonialism in Contemporary African Migrants’ Writing 245
Dirk Göttsche

The Shadows of History: Photography and Colonialism in William Kentridge’s Black Box/Chambre Noire 259
Andrew J. Hennlich

Germans and the Death-Throes of the Qing: Mo Yan’s The Sandalwood Torture 271
Yixu Lü

The Origins of German Minority Cinema in Colonial Film 284
Patrice Nganang

Bibliography 299

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Index 339