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Book launch „Human Rights Futures“

On October 26, the SFB 700 invited the public to the Freie Universität Berlin for the launch of the anthology Human Rights Futures (Cambridge University Press), edited by Stephen Hopgood (SOAS University of London), Jack Snyder (Columbia University), and Leslie Vinjamuri (SOAS University of London).

News from Oct 25, 2017

Leslie Vinjamuri and Jack Snyder presented the work as its co-editors, together with Thomas Risse (Freie Universität Berlin), one of the authors. Vinjamuri, Snyder, and Risse highlighted the many different perspectives on the topic contained in the anthology. The editors expressed their particular pride at having won such a high number of international experts on human rights as authors for the project, such as Sally E. Merry, Alexander Cooley, or Kathryn Sikkink. The book emerged from a series of workshops held in London and New York. In a total of 13 articles, the anthology paints a multi-layered picture of past and future developments concerning the state of global human rights.

The book examines the different situations regarding human rights in various regions of the world and illuminates global trends. Furthermore, the anthology includes perspectives on the future outlook and possibilities for the further development of human rights. This outlook includes both optimistic as well as more pessimistic prognoses.

Following the presentation of the book, an animated and productive discussion between the audience and the presenters took place. Here, the challenges to human rights in areas of limited statehood were discussed further, among other aspects, as well as possibilities for and limitations to the empirical measurement of human rights and their violation.

Select video recordings of the event can be found in our media library. In our image gallery, you will find further impressions from the evening.

Here you can find further information on the Human Rights Future anthology.

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