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Hoover Workshop: Transition and Transformation - China in the Twentieth Century

Klaus Mühlhahn during his presentation

Klaus Mühlhahn during his presentation
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From August 1 to August 10, 2016, the fourth China Workshop of the Hoover Institution of the Stanford University, USA titled “Transition and Transformation - China in the Twentieth Century” took place in cooperation with the SFB Research Project B13 and the Free University Berlin.

News from Sep 22, 2016

Together with scholars from the United States, Great Britain and China, Prof. Klaus Mühlhahn, principal investigator of Research Project B13 - Adaptation and Legitimation as Factors of Effective Governance in China, 1949-1957, presented his research and analyses. In his presentation he explored China’s economic and sociopolitical transformation from the early modern period to the present by focusing on the function of social institutions.

Additional information about the speakers and their presentations can be found here. The conference proceedings compiled by Suy Lan Hopmann are available here.

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