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Special Seminar with James C. Scott at the SFB 700

Participants and James C. Scott

Participants and James C. Scott
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On Wednesday, April 29, 2015, Professor James C. Scott (Yale University) led a special seminar titled “Seeing Like a State in Areas of Limited Statehood” at the offices of the SFB 700.

News from May 06, 2015

James C. Scott is the Sterling Professor of Political Science and professor of anthropology at Yale University, USA. His research focuses on topics related to the political economy, agrarian sciences, and international relations.

The seminar welcomed numerous participants and centered on engaging with the literature. Scott’s seminal publication, “Seeing Like a State” – by now a political science classic – formed the core of the discussion. Following the seminar, attendants continued the conversation in an informal setting over drinks and snacks.

We would like to thank James Scott for the wonderful discussion and visit to the SFB.

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