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SFB Book Launch on Dec 8th 2014 at the Federal Foreign Office

Booklaunch at the German Federal Foreign Office

Booklaunch at the German Federal Foreign Office

In Cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office, the SFB 700 presented one of its current publications on Dec 8th, 2014.

News from Dec 17, 2014

The Special Issue Governance “External Actors, State-Building, and Service Provision in Areas of Limited Statehood” (Ed. Stephen D. Krasner, Thomas Risse) was discussed with a mixed expert audience from Politics, Economics and Academia at the German Federal Foreign Office. The Special Issue was presented by Thomas Risse, Professor of International Relations at the Freie Universität Berlin and one of the Coordinators of the SFB 700, and discussed by Ambassador Georg Wilfried Schmidt, regional coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa and Sahel at the Federal Foreign Office. Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel and Dr. Gregor Walter-Drop attended as further authors of the Special Issue from the SFB 700. The event was moderated by Dirk Lölke, head of the department 300 at the Federal Foreign Office.

The Special Issue identifies conditions for success of governance services by external actors in areas of limited statehood. Especially policy implications of the findings and their possible influence on German foreign politics were discussed in the presentation. The German Federal Foreign Office was chosen as the venue of the book launch in regard of the new established cooperation between the foreign office and the SFB, mainly the transfer-project T3. The project seeks to mutually include expertise from both, the SFB's research and the Federal Office's practical experiences, in the work of the transfer-project. Further information are available on the T3 project page.

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