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Prof. Dietlind Stolle New Mercator Fellow at the SFB 700

Dietlind Stolle

Dietlind Stolle

The SFB 700 warmly welcomes Prof. Dietlind Stolle from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, as the new Mercator Fellow.

News from May 09, 2016

Prof. Dietlind Stolle is a professor of political science at McGill University, Montreal, and director of the Centre of the Study of Democratic Citizenship (CSDC). She will be at the SFB 700 until late July 2016. Among her main research interests are the political role of associations; trust; the institutional foundations of social capital; political mobilization; and new forms of political participation. She will contribute to the SFB 700 in particular with her expertise on social trust and institutional trust in areas of limited statehood.

The Collaborative Research Center 700 looks forward to an exciting and productive cooperation!

For more information on Prof. Stolle, please visit her homepage.

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