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New Mercator Fellow at SFB 700: Shalini Randeria

Shalini Randeria

Shalini Randeria
Image Credit: Graduate Institute Geneva

News from Jul 11, 2014

The SFB 700 welcomes Professor Shalini Randeria from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva, where she heads the Department of Anthropology and Sociology of Development. She will visit Berlin throughout the whole funding period 2014-2017 several times a year and will strengthen the ethnological expertise within the SFB 700.

The focus areas of her research are:

  • globalisation and development
  • governance, legal pluralism and statehood
  • civil society, social movements, NGOs
  • resettlement, expropriation and privatisation of commons
  • post colonial theory

You can find more Information on Prof. Randeria on her page with the Graduate Institute Geneva.

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